SNP rolls back Waspi support over new pensions legislation

The Scottish National Party has declined to give its support to the Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign via an amendment to forthcoming legislation to aid them.

Money Marketing knows in some meeting of this All-Party Parliamentary Group about Waspi on Wednesday, the SNP verified they wouldn’t support including a Waspi related clause to the Pensions Schemes Bill, that is now being examined at the House of Commons.

Waspi is campaigning for transitional measures for women such as from the 1950s who’ve witnessed their own state pension age growth.

The Bill mostly includes measures to reinforce guidelines on master trusts and paves the way for exit charge caps.

The Bill has its second reading on Monday.

SNP pensions spokesman Ian Blackford MP claims the decision to not support the Waspi amendment was since the party was advised that it was outside of scope for a Bill on private pensions, which could set the brand new master trust regulations in danger.

Blackford states: “The SNP are totally dedicated to fighting for justice to its WASPI women that have had their own retirement plans completely ruined by the UK government. SNP MPs have raised this issue at 44 days at the House of Commons, commissioned independent research and also refuse to quit fighting for justice to its WASPI women.

“It is wholly disingenuous for any fighter to imply that the SNP denied supporting the campaign. A proposal to get a reasoned amendment to kill the Pensions Scheme Bill was suggested — this could help nobody simply eliminate the helpful regulation provisions contained in the Bill associated with master trusts.”

“The SNP have been guided by clerks it’s not likely that any supply for modifications concerning the state pension will probably be in the range of this closely accepted bill, however, because we have always said, if potential at additional stages, in which the invoice could be improved and also supply for its WASPI women could be contained, we’ll surely accomplish that.”

A letter by an MP into some Waspi member noticed with Money Marketing expressed disappointment in the decision, nonetheless.

“Because you know there’ve been various opposition day and also general debates on Waspi lately, but people are simply a means of discussing this issue, they don’t compel the Government to behave or to hear Waspi women.

“This Bill differs since it’s Government legislation and the Bill is of a suitable topic which we may fix it to add a clause concerning Waspi. Tabling that the amendment is merely the start. For the amendment to make it on the statute books and eventually become law, it might require cross-party support, particularly from the SNP.

“Considering that the SNP has utilized a number of its own opposition day debate slots to debate Waspi issues, it had been an extremely unpleasant surprise into the APPG to find out from the SNP which they wouldn’t support the amendment…minus the SNP’s support, there’s not any possibility of this amendment passing.

“I’m at a loss to describe their u-turn in their support to get Waspi.”

Blackford MP along with other SNP MPs like Mhairi Black are vocal about the Waspi issue before, describing the absence of transitional arrangements for women impacted by state pension increases because of “gross injustice”.